Porsche is stopping production of diesel cars to focus on EVs and hybrids


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(Image source: Porsche)

Porsche has confirmed that it is stopping production of its diesel models.

The move, Porsche says, reflects the "cultural shift" of its customers.

Porsche says that they are seeing increasing interest in hybrid and full-electric cars and that's where they will be focusing their efforts.

Though this move might come as a shock to some, Porsche has actually been trying to distance itself from diesel cars for a while now.

Following the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal in 2015, it stopped selling diesel cars in the US.

That does not mean that Porsche will never make a diesel car again. The new Cayenne, which was unveiled last year, is set to have a diesel engine, though the exact time of the launch has yet to be determined.

Still, it's worth noting that diesel cars have always been of less importance to the brand. Porsche doesn't develop its own diesel engine and instead gets its oil burners from other brands within the Volkswagen Group such as Volkswagen or Audi.

It is widely rumored that Porsche is set to announce a hybrid version of its ever-popular 911 model soon.

Source: Autocar