Apple is the most innovative company thanks to four products


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Apple has been ranked the most innovative company for 2018 by Fast Company thanks to four products. 

Fast Company singled out the AirPods, the Apple Watch Series 3, ARKit and the iPhone X as the products which are "more impressive than Apple's financial numbers". The American business magazine refers them as "category-defining products". 

While the availability of the AirPods was hampered by delays and stock issues, the wireless earbuds went on to dominate the market in the U.S. The Apple Watch Series 3 is selling better than its predecessors and had a 50% growth in units for the fourth consecutive quarter. In fact, the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 3 reportedly led to one Swiss watchmaker losing US$1 billion in market value overnight! 

Fast Company believed ARKit - Apple's augmented reality framework - will be as successful as the App Store which paid out US$26.5 billion to developers last year.  The business magazine also states that the iPhone X blew skeptics away with its facial recognition feature, camera quality, bezel-to-bezel display and new user interface. 

Rounding out the top five are Netflix (2nd), Square (3rd), Tencent (4th) and Amazon (5th). Amazon was the most innovative company for 2017 based on Fast Company's ranking. 

Source: Fast Company via 9to5Mac